Rajballav Koirala Actor

Date of Birth : 1st Aug,1982
Birth Place : Pokhara-4 Cairabatan
Education :

Masters in mass communication (Polligan College)


Rating: 3.7/5 (14 votes cast)


Country : Nepal
Politician : I haven't seen anyone
Cinema : I like every kind of movies
Actor  : Tom hanks, Ajay Devgan,Haribansha Aacharya
Actress : Lulia Roberts, jennifer Connel
Music : Every kinds of music that touch my heart
Singer : Every singer has their own style . I respect everybody.
Ladies :  Clear vision,  Beautiful, Helpful  and Sensitive
Book : Cigarette, Money in love attraction
Game : pool
Weather : Neither cold nor summer
Dress : Depends upon weather, situation and body
Color : Looking for light wearing for dark
Food :  Chicken and Fish 
Book : Human Philosophy
Friend : Navaraj Aacharya






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