Jharana Thapa Actress

Date of Birth : 26th March
Birth Place : New Baneshor, Kathmandu
Education :

B.A (P.K College)


Rating: 3.8/5 (24 votes cast)


Country : Nepal
Place : Pokhara
Politician : Late Girija Prasad Koirala
Cinema : Prempinda
Actor  : Suman Singh/Raj Ballab Koiral: Saugat Malla /Anup Baral
Actress :Jal Sha/Nita Dhungana
Music : Romenti/Rock
Singer : Rajesh Payal Rai/Deepak Limbu
Game : Swimming
Weather : Cold/Rainy
Gents : frank and respectfull
Dress : Half paint
Food : Nepali/Fish item
Book : Philosophical books
Writer : Buddhi Sagar
Friend : Kusum / Sharmila / Chalu





    Country : Malaysia
    Place : Cold area
    Director : Who don't have good cinema making Knowledge
    Actor : Who don't keep a good relation with co-actor
    Actress : Who shows the attitude and backbiting
    gents : Proudy
    Music : Sentimental
    Game : Boxing
    weather : Summer
    Dress : Typical
    Food : Brinjal


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